Jamgön Anye Shyap Kunga Sonam

Ameshab Ngawang Kunga Sonam – The Twenty-Seventh Sakya Trizin (c. 1597 – c. 1659)

Sakya Throneholders

Jamgön Anye Shyap Kunga Sonam, the twenty-seventh Sakya throneholder, was born into the Ducho Labrang at Sakya in 1597. His father was Ngagchang Dragpa Lodrö Gyaltsen. the twenty-fifth Sakya throneholder. His mother was Sonam Gyalmo. He was said to have a serious and peaceful demeanor, and thus earned the name “Amnye Zhab”, or “Grandfather.”

He began studying to read and write with his father at the age of five. He also received major empowerments and transmissions from him. He entered into a retreat with his uncle, father, and brothers at the age of twelve.

He studied under many teachers including his father, his uncle Jamyang Sonam Wangpo, the twenty-fourth Sakya throneholder, the great Muchen Sangye Gyaltsen (1542 – 1618), and Paṇchen Ngagchoe and excelled at both sūtra and tantric teachings. Many of his students were accomplished scholars and practitioners, including Khön Jamyang Sonam Wangyal, and Zangdhen Master Jampa Ngawang Namgyal. Overall, he was respected by many lamas of all schools.

Jamgön Anye Shyap made efforts to pacify the conflict in U-Tsang region, bringing happiness to its people. A total of thirty volumes worth of his compositions have been discovered.

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