Bari Lotsāwa Rinchen Drag

Bari Lotsāwa Rinchen Drag – the second Sakya Trizin (c. 1040 – c. 1111)

Four Great Lotsāwas
Sakya Throneholders

Bari Lotsāwa’s personal name is Rinchen Dragpa. “Bari” is his race. He travelled from Tibet through Nepal to India and stayed there for many years studying under the guidance of Indian masters. He received many teachings and collected them together in a book called the Collection of Sādhanā. He brought many teachings back to Tibet. One of Lama Sakyapa Kunga Nyingpo’s teachers is Bari Lotsāwa.

Extracted from An Overview of the Sakya School of Tibetan Buddhism: History, Masters, and Teachings (2021) by His Holiness the Sakya Trichen; The Sakya Tradition Publications.

Bari Lotsawa Rinchen Drak