Buddhaśrī (c. 1339 – c. 1419)

Lamdré Lobshed Lineage
Lamdré Tsogshed Lineage

Buddhaśrī, also known as Drubchen Sanggye Pel, was born in 1339 at the monastery of Gopu in the Dok region of Lato Jang. His father was Guśrī Peljor Lekpa, then the abbot of Gopu. His mother was Drolma Bum.

From an early age, Buddhaśrī received the vows of a lay practitioner from Lama Sakya Zangpo. Under his maternal uncle Gyaltsen Pel, he pursued various studies and practice. He received teachings and transmissions from various masters. He was one of the main teachers of Ngorchen Kunga Zangpo, founder of Ngor sub-lineage of the Sakya school.


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