Dzongpa Kunga Gyaltsen

Dzongpa Kunga Gyaltsen (c. 1382 – c. 1446)

Historical Sakya Scholars & Masters
Dzongpa Lineage

Dzongpa Kunga Gyaltsen (1382-1446) is the founder of the Dzongpa sub-lineage of the Sakya school. His father was Onpo Norpel.

He was a close disciple of Tegchen Chogyal Kunga Tashi Gyaltsen Pal Zangpo (1349-1425) of the Lhakang Lhabrang, and received the ordination name Jamyang Dragpal Pal.

Together with Ngorchen Kunga Zangpo, the founder of the Ngor sub-lineage of the Sakya school, both received teachings from Sarchen Yeshe Gyaltsen and Kungkhyen Yagpa. The two masters were known as Ngor and Dzong—upholders of the Sakya teachings.


Further Reading:

The Sakya School of Tibetan Buddhism: A History, by Dhongthog Rinpoche; Wisdom Publications.