Dzongpa Kunga Namgyel

Dzongpa Kunga Namgyel (c. 1432 – c. 1496)

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Dzongpa Lineage
Lamdré Lineage

Dzongpa Kunga Namgyel is the founder of the later Dzongpa sub-sect of the Sakya school and its monastery Gongkar Choede or Gongkar Dorjeden in Tibet.

When he was 15 years old, he received the vows of a lay devotee from his main lama, Draktopa Sonam Zangpo along with many teachings, including the Sakya Lamdré.

At the age of 27, he received the novice vows from his uncle, Panchen Jampa Lingpa Sonam Namgyal.

At the age of 43, Kunga Namgyal received the vows of a fully ordained monk from Penchen Jampa Linpa and established the practice of the 43 maṇḍalas within the four tantric classes. Among the many students of Kunga Namgyal was also Dagchen Sonam Gyaltsen, the incumbent throneholder at Sakya.

After remaining in thukdam (samādhi) for two weeks, Dorjedenpa Thumi Kunga Namgyal entered into parinirvāṇa at the age of 65.

Extracted from Brief Biography of Dzongpa Kunga Gyaltsen, by Losal Dhonduo Ghongkar Choede (Source: Sakya Calendar APP).