Garton Jamyang Sherab Gyatso

Garton Jamyang Sherab Gyatso (c. 1396? – c. 1474)

Ngorpa Lineage

Garton Jamyang Sherab Gyatso, the third Ngor Monastery abbot, was born in the Tsang district of Tibet. His father was Gyaltsen Dar of the Gar clan, and his mother was Lhundrub Gyalmo. He was given the name Sonam Pal by the 16th Sakya throne holder, Kunga Rinchen, and was prophesized would be a great master.

He studied under many great masters, and Ngorchen Kunga Zangpo, the founder and first abbot of Ngor Monastery was one of his main teachers. He also assisted Ngorchen to establish Ngor Monastery.


Further Reading:

The Third Ngor Khenchen, Jamyang Sherab Gyatso, by Dominique Townsend (Source: Treasury of Lives).