Gowo Rabjampa Kunkhyen Sonam Senge

Gowo Rabjampa Kunkhyen Sonam Senge (c. 1429 – c. 1489)

Historical Sakya Scholars & Masters
Ngorpa Lineage

Kunkhyen Gowo Rabjampa, also known as Gorampa Sonam Senge, was one of the great philosophers of Tibetan history and also the sixth throneholder of Ngor Monastery.

Born in Kham, he traveled to Ü-tsang to study under the great masters such as Kunkhyen Rongton, Sangye Pel, Ngorchen Kunga Zangpo, and so on. Gorampa taught extensively at Sakya and Ngor as well as other areas. His writings were compiled into over fourteen volumes. After founding the Tanag Serling and Tanag Thupten Namgyal Ling monastic schools, he taught there for almost nine years.

In 1489, at the age of 61, Gorampa entered into parinirvāṇa.

Extracted from Brief Biography of Gowo Rabjampa Kunkhyen Sonam Senge, by Dagpo Shabdrung (Source: Sakya Calendar APP).