Gyaltsab Dampa Kunga Wangchuk

Gyaltsab Dampa Kunga Wangchuk (c. 1424 – c. 1478)

Lamdré Tsogshed Lineage
Ngorpa Lineage

Gyaltsab Dampa Kunga Wangchuk, the fourth abbot of Ngor Monastery, was born in 1424.

He took novice vows at the age of twelve with Ngorchen Kunga Zangpo and Jangpukpa Kunga Legpa. When Kunga Wangchuk was twenty-seven, he received his full monastic ordination and is said to have upheld the three sets of vows with great care.


Further Reading:

The Fourth Ngor Khenchen, Kunga Wangchuk, by Dominique Townsend (Source: Treasury of Lives)