Khangsar Khenchen Dorje Chang Ngawang Lodro Shenpen Nyingpo

Khangsar Khenchen Dorje Chang Ngawang Lodro Shenpen Nyingpo
(c. 1876 – c. 1952)

Ngorpa Lineage
Lamdré Lobshed Lineage
Vajrayoginī Lineage

Ngor Khangsar Khenchen Ngawang Lodro Shenphen Nyingpo (Khenchen Dhamapa), the sixty-fifth abbot of Ngor Monastery, was born in Tzarong Menthang. He was later enthroned as Ngor Khangsar Shabdrung. 

He received the three vows from the fifty-ninth Ngor abbot, Khangsar Khenchen Ngawang Lodro Nyingpo.

When he went to receive teachings from Dzogchen Shenga Rinpoche, Shenga Rinpoche had a dream on the night before their meeting. In his dream, he saw five women ornamented with jewels and holding cases in their hands. With one voice they said, “The three vehicles and the four philosophical schools, the four classes of tantra and their subdivisions, all phenomena without exception, identical with reality itself: this is the sphere of activity of a great noble one who resides on the great bhumi.” After that, they offered the bottles to Shenga Rinpoche. The next morning, Shenga Rinpoche predicted, “Whoever is coming to me as a new student today, would be the great scholar of the great land. He would be known for his rich knowledge, his unstained ability through his attainment to prophesize and to remember the past.”

Khenchen Dhampa studied all thirteen root texts of philosophy, sutras, and mantras from Shenga Rinpoche, and also from other masters such as Ponlob Loten Wangpo and Drakra Choekyi Nyima. He also received the Lamdre transmission, Judey Kuntue and DrubThab Kuntue, and became one of the prominent scholars and yogis. Later, he received teachings on Lamdre transmission at the Ngor E-wam Monastery. He received teachings on Ju Dey Kuntue in the upper and lower centers of the monastery. There he established a scriptural college in Chedi Khangtsen, and he had great disciples like His Holiness the Sakya Trichen and many other masters from different sects.

In 1954, the Tibetan year of Wood Horse, the 12th day of the Fourth Month, Khenchen Dhampa entered into parinirvāṇa.


Extracted from Biography of Ngor Khangsar Khenchen Ngawang Lodro Shenphen Nyingpo, by H.E. Khangsar Shabdrung Ngawang Khyentse (Source: Sakya Calendar App).


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