Khedrub Palden Dorje

Khedrub Palden Dorje (c. 1411 – c. 1482)

Ngorpa Lineage

Khedrub Palden Dorje, the fifth abbot of Ngor Monastery was born near Sakya in 1411. His father was Paljor Zangpo and his mother was Kyepa Pal. He received a long-life empowerment from Sabzang Pagpa Zhunno Lodro, teacher of Ngorchen Kunga Zangpo, founder of the Ngor sub-lineage of the Sakya school.

He received his novice vow at the age of eight, and began his Dharma study in Sakya Monastery. At the age of nineteen, he studied under Ngorchen, of whom he also received his full monastic ordination vow from.


Further Reading:

The Fifth Ngor Khenchen, Pelden Dorje, by Tsering Namgyal (Source: Treasury of Lives).