Khenchen Lapsum Gyaltsen Wangpo

Khenchen Lapsum Gyaltsen Wangpo (c. 1526 – c. 1577)

Vajrayoginī Lineage
Lamdré Lineage

Lapsum Gyaltsen Wangpo was born in Oyuk, Tsang. His father was named Gyal-lha and his mother was Khandroma. His childhood name was Tsogyal.

He began his studies of reading, writing and recitation at a very early age. He was given novice vows by Drubpa’i Wangchuk Drungpa Gatsepa of Dingma Monastery. He studied Prajñāpāramitā at Dreyul Kyetsal Monastery under the guidance of Lodro Chopak, and later studied with the famous Sanggye Sengge.

Later, he met with Nesar Jamyang Khyentse Wangchuk who would later become his teacher. In addition to the Vajrayoginī teaching, Jamyang Khyentse Wangchuk gave him the Lamdré Tsogshed teachings, the tantric cycles of Mahākāla, the Bu system of Kālacakra that stemmed from Buton Rinchen, the Ra system of Bhairava that had originated with Ra Lotsawa Dorje Drak, and the Jangter treasure cycle of Dzogchen teachings.

Tsarchen Losal Gyatso gave him Lamdré Lobshed transmission and taught him the Dzogchen revelations of the treasure revealer named Rigdzin Dorje. He also studied with the tenth abbot of Ngor, Konchok Lhundrub; the twenty-fourth abbot of Jonang Monastery, Kunga Drolchok; the twelfth abbot of Ngor, Konchok Palden; Jamyang Tashi Gyaltsen; Paṇchen Lhawang Lodro, and others.

He went into retreat at Dodong Trawo, a hermitage site associated with Bodong E Monastery. At the age of forty-four, at Nyamyo Jashong Monastery, he received full ordination from Jamyang Sanggye Gyaltsen.

He later became Khenchen of Bodong E monastery. Bodong E was founded in 1049 by the Kadampa Geshe Mudrapa Chenpo and maintained an independent teaching lineage of Lamdré. There he taught Lamdré as well as some Nyingma traditions.