Khetsun Namkha Legpe Gyaltsen

Khetsun Namkha Legpe Gyaltsen – The Twelfth Sakya Trizin (c. 1305 – c. 1343)

Sakya Throneholders

Khetsun Namkha Legpe Gyaltsen is the twelfth Sakya throneholder. His father was Dagnyi Chenpo Sangpo Pal, the eleventh throneholder. His mother was Machig Yon Dagmo.

Shortly after Sangpo Pal’s death, one of his elder sons, Kunga Lodro Gyaltsen made a division of all his brothers into four branches who resided in four different phodrang, or palaces: Zhitog, Lhakang, Rinchengang, and Ducho. Khetsun Namkha Legpe Gyaltsen became the head of the Zhitog branch.

Khetsun Namkha received many teachings on sūtra and tantra, oral instructions, and ritual practices from his father and other learned and accomplished masters. In 1324, he was enthroned as the Sakya throneholder. He was highly accomplished.