Tsarchen Losal Gyatso

Tsarchen Losal Gyatso (c. 1502 – c. 1566)

Tsarpa Lineage
Vajrayoginī Lineage
Lamdré Lobshed Lineage

Tsarchen Losal Gyatso founded the Tsar sub-lineage of the Sakya Order. He is also the thirteenth abbot of Zhalu Monastery. He is a lineage holder in the Vajrayoginī lineage and the Lamdré Lobshed Lineage.

He received ordination from Gendun Gyatso, and lived at Tashi Lhunpo Monastery. Later, he studied at the feet of Jetsun Doringpa. Tsarchen studied with and had many students from all the schools of Tibetan Buddhism, so that he became known as a “second Vajradhara in our age of discord.” His main disciples were Jamyang Khyentse Wangchuk, Mangto Ludrub Gyatso, Yol Kenchen Zhonnu Lodro, Sonam Gyatso, and Bokarwa Maitri Dondrub Gyaltsen.

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