Upcoming Visit of H.H. the 43rd Sakya Trizin to Nepal

At the request of the sangha members and Dharma communities in Nepal, His Holiness the 43rd Sakya Trizin will be visiting Nepal, imparting empowerments, teachings, performing rituals, and participating Dharma events, from March 16 to April 5, 2023.

Below is an overview of the itinerary:

March 16 (Thursday)

Arriving Mahindranagar

March 17 (Friday)

Venue: Dangadi

Stupa Consecration

Teaching and Long-life Initiation

March 18 (Saturday)

Venue: Bunor

Long-life Initiation and Teaching at Shree Sakya Buddha Temple

Visit to a site and teachings to a group

March 19 (Sunday)

Venue: Dangadi

Consecration Ceremony

March 20 to 24 (Monday to Friday)

Venue: Byoma Kusuma, Kathmandu

Grand Vajrakilaya Puja

March 25 (Saturday)

Venue: Nayabasti/Kalanki

Refuge Vow & Long-life Initiation

Consecration of Tsechen Mindroling Monastery

March 26 (Sunday)

Venue: Budanikanth

Visit to H.E. Vajradhara the 25th Chogye Trichen Rinpoche’s Kudong Stupa

March 27 (Monday)

Venue: Hetauda

Long-life Initiation and Teaching

Avalokitesvara Empowerment

March 29 to March 30 (Tuesday – Wednesday)

Venue: Dhading

Conferral of Refuge Vow and Its Precepts

Tara Initiation

Oral Transmission of Avalokitesvara Dharani and Guru Padmasambhava Mantra

Visit to a Local School and Award Ceremony

March 31 (Thursday)

Venue: International Buddhist Academy

Buddhist Introductory Teaching

Mahakala Puja

April 1 (Friday)

Venue: Tharlam Monastery

Long-life Initiation

April 2 to April 3 (Saturday – Sunday)

Venue: Bol Gaung

Vajrakilaya Blessing and Teaching to the Public

April 4 (Monday)

Venue: Swayambhu Mahakala Temple

Protective Deity Puja

Vajrakilaya Torma Initiation

April 5 (Tuesday)

Departure for Delhi