March 2022 Newsletter

March 16, 2022

Dear Dharma Friends,

Today is an auspicious occasion with the enthronement ceremony of His Holiness the 43rd Sakya Trizin, Gyana Vajra Rinpoche. As part of our body, speech, and mind offering, on this holy occasion we are sharing with you a newly published teaching transcript entitled, A Teaching on Renunciation, Bodhicitta, and the Pure Land of Amitābha, taught by His Holiness the 43rd Sakya Trizin.

​We may be familiar with teachings on loving-kindness, compassion, and bodhicitta. But in this short yet concise teaching, His Holiness presented these three topics in a different perspective and in a nondharmic language. In addition, His Holiness also gave a brief overview about Sukhāvatī, the pure land of Buddha Amitabha.  The teaching text is available in English and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional). You may also listen to the audio that includes the oral transmission of The Sūtra of Boundless Life here.

Green Tara Program

From January 1st to March 11th, we have accumulated 31,818,858 Green Tara mantras and 784,553 Green Tara Praise. At no cost to you, we are sponsoring Tara pujas at several monasteries and nunneries—on behalf of all participants—on the eighth day of each Tibetan month. Let us supplicate together to Mother Tara for the well-being and happiness of our loved ones and all sentient beings.

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May peace prevail in all directions.

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