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A Talk on Green Tara Before the Initiation
Teacher: His Holiness the 43rd Sakya Trizin Gyana Vajra Rinpoche,
Venue: Online Teaching,
Year: 2021

His Holiness the 43rd Sakya Trizin, Gyana Vajra Rinpoche bestowed this teaching, at the request of Sakya Kalden Ling, Frankfurt, Germany on June 5 and 6, 2021.

Tara is often referred to as Ārya Tārā in Sanskrit (Jetsun Dölma in Tibetan). She is a female bodhisattva, buddha, and meditational deity who is often called the “Mother of all the Tathāgatas.” Tara is a compassionate and enlightened being embodying the qualities of wisdom, compassion, and fearlessness.

There are different forms of Tara, each associated with a specific color and other symbols. The primary form is Green Tara, representing swift and active compassion. Another familiar form is White Tara, representing peaceful compassion and long life.

In this teaching, which is offered here as a source of inspiration, protection, and assistance on the path to enlightenment, His Holiness describes the origins of Tara and her great deeds as a bodhisattva. He also describes how to practice Green Tara, whether as a deity practice or not. We hope it will inspire you in the pursuit of the great bodhisattva path.

Source: This teaching was obtained from Sakya Kalden Ling Youtube.

Whenever Tara is mentioned, we often conjure an image of a compassionate female deity, becoming a source of inspiration and refuge for sentient beings. However, our understanding of Tara's true nature, the significance of her female manifestation, and her attainment of bodhisattva state is often limited.

Despite the perceived distance between us and Tara, His Holiness emphasizes that she serves as a crucial role model, especially for those navigating a busy modern life.

In this teaching, His Holiness elucidates how to integrate Dharma knowledge and practice into our lives, aiming to ultimately achieve the enlightened state of Tara and all buddhas and bodhisattvas.